Expertise (Area Of Practices)

Over the past few years MN Haque is a specialist in the area of judicial review, litigation and has acted for a wide range of Immigration matter, including economic/business migrations (all Tiers).The firm acted for many notable cases including on cost Tier 4 license etc on Immigration and so on.

Languages and community links

The principal and other colleagues and assistants speak one or more extra language/dialect spoken in the locality including Bengali/Sylhety, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

The following are some of our basic service and or business strategies to target and or to achieve.

Conveyancing (Residential & Commercial)

Whether you are a first- time buyer or an investor, buying a high value property, studio flat or garage, we offer a first-rate service provided by specialist solicitors who have considerable experience under their belt having worked and or dealt with the property laws evolve over the past decades.
In particulars, we deal with all sort of property transactions which include:

  •  Freehold and leasehold sales and purchases
  • Lease renewals
  • Landlord and tenant law
  • Mortgage financing

We work with landlord and tenants and always tailor our service to your requirements depending on their position. We can advise on the usual issues of commercial property and have also been involved in high profile matters, pursuing the rights of tenants and going up against major developers.
Whether it be selling, purchasing, leasing or developing commercial premises, we will assist and advise you to ensure you secure the best deal in a cost-efficient and timely manner as possible.

  •  Acquisition and disposal of commercial property
  • Grant, acquisition and disposal of leases
  • Rent reviews

We aim to deal with your transaction efficiently and within the time frame you require. We will keep you up-to-date from start to finish and inform you of all the steps along the way.


Immigration law and policy is constantly evolving which can leave people in vulnerable position if they are not aware of the changes. Since the immigration system changed over to the points- based system, it is important to know which changes will affect you especially if you are trying to switch between categories during your stay in this country.

As our team deal with matters ranging from Tier 1 commercial affairs to family reunions, we offer a range of immigration services from business investment to settlement and or asylum and or Human rights claims. We also work alongside non-profit organizations, stakeholders in relation to up to date consultation, proposals and eventual changes.

Our Team identifies and addresses your issues and or explores all options from a global perspective in order to ensure that the wider implications of your decisions are taken into for example, dependants / future applications. Our goal is to enable you to consider and make the most informed decision which will affect your future.

We provide advice and assistance in many immigration issues which include:

  • Tier 1 – Investor
  • Tier 1 – Entrepreneur
  • Tier 2 – Sponsor licenses
  • Tier 2 – Certificates of Sponsorship
  • Tier 2 – Leave to enter / remain in the UK
  • Tier 4 – Students
  • British Citizenship
  • Spouse / Partner visas
  • Asylum and human rights, discretionary cases
  • Appeals, judicial reviews
  • Temporary visasSettlement visas
  • Any Home Office Applications
  • Bail Applications
  • DeportationEU law


  • Landlord and Tenant disputes
  • Disputes arising from contracts (for example, non-payment of goods / services/ Partnership Disputes)
  • Insolvency / Bankruptcy
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Defamation
  • Family, children, on-Molestation

Wills and Probate


  • Divorce
  • Child Rights
  • Separation



  • Domestic Violence
  • Fraud/Money
  • Road Traffic/ Dangerous Driving.
  • Personal Injury
  • Partnership and or partnership dispute
  • Benefit Rights
  • Debts
  • Miscellaneous, including
  • Bangladeshi Law
  • Power Attorney
  • Changed of Named Deed
  • Other day to day needs of Deeds and or Documents/contracts.