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Hafiz and Haque, a London based Law firm with experienced legal professionals provides a wide range of legal services. Our aim is to provide clients with friendly, good quality and cost effective legal advice. Our expertise can cater to the legal needs of both corporate and private clients. Our professionals have multi-disciplinary expertise and form effective and efficient teams to address cases and projects as per client requirements. We are able to offer a broad range of legal services in a number of specialist areas of law.

Our approach is to be open and up front in everything that we do, including keeping you informed about costs. Our working methods are continually reviewed so that we can provide the best possible service in the most efficient way. These methods include the most up to date use of Information Technology wherever appropriate. Our commitment to providing a well trained, motivated work team capable of understanding client needs has bestowed us with being a reputed firm in the region.

We are also committed to the success of our clients. We leave no stone unturned and have no preconceived ideas when advising you of the best course of action to take in whatever area of law you require help. Our key objective is to provide you with clear, concise advice and innovative, cost effective legal solutions.

Services we specialise in:

As our team deal with matters ranging from Tier 1 commercial to family reunions, we offer a range of immigration services from business investment to settlement and or asylum and or Human rights claims. We also work alongside non-profit organizations, stakeholders in relation to up to date consultation, proposals and eventual changes.


Valuable Consulting

Our Team identifies and addresses your issues and or explores all options from a global perspective in order to ensure that the wider implications of your decisions are taken into for example, dependants / future applications. Our goal is to enable you to consider and make the most informed decision which will affect your future.


Discuss Strategy Builds

We provide advice and assistance in many immigration issues which include:
Tier 1 – Investor,
Tier 1 – Entrepreneur,
Tier 2 – Sponsor licenses,
Tier 2 – Certificates of Sponsorship,
Tier 2 – Leave to enter / remain in the UK,
Tier 4 – Students

General Practice

General Practice

Business Law

Business Law



Test Case

Test Case

This site is under construction. This is a Test Case to check the view of the posted cases.

This site is under construction. This is a Test Case to check the view of the posted cases. This site is under construction. This is a Test Case to check the view of the posted cases.

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Client Testimonials:

Hafiz and Hauqe is one of the most experienced law firms in the East London. They have an extraordinary team of experts to solve your cases.
Hasan Munna, Client